卒業生女性 K.G様
Hello, everyone! I worked at Blue Lion English as assistant for four years when I was university student. Today, I came here to listen to your speeches. I'm really surprised that everyone's English has improved so much!
I have been working at a kids clothing store since I graduated from university. As a result of rethinking my future and what I really to do, I changed my job. My new job is with an internet media company called Lafary. I write articles about "The Kawaii" culture and post on SNS. At this site, there are two articles both in Japanese and English. My previous job was not related to English at all, but this time, I need to use English. Nobody knows when will come the opportunity to use English.
When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I started studying English at Blue Lion. Although I started late compared to everyone else, I was able to catch up. I really enjoyed studying English at Blue Lion, and it gave me lots of confidence. That's why I can use English to help my career.
It doesn't hurt to study English. I don't know how many times English has helped me out. I really appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Cole's help.
As you can see from the recent results of the Eiken exam, I believe Blue Lions' students will get better and better at English! I'm looking forward to hearing about your future progress. Please enjoy the wonderful memories and English ability you can gain at Blue Lion English. I wish you all success in the future.
Thank you.