会社名 有限会社ブルーライオンイングリッシュ
資本金 300万円
代表 代表取締役 コール淳美
校長 Kenneth A. Cole
事業内容 1、 英会話教室の運営
2、 英会話教育に関する出版物の販売
3、 英会話教育に関する講演会、講習会の請負
4、 海外留学の斡旋、手続きの代行
  • 2003年10月 東町校を開校
  • 2005年 1月 法人格に変更
  • 2005年 4月上戸田に教室を移転


Mr.coleのプロフィール 米国カリフォルニア州出身
聖マリアンナ医科大学、東京家政女子大学 等で講師を務める。
2003年10月 ブルーライオンイングリッシュ設立、現在に至る。
TESOL(英語教授法)とは? 「他言語話者に対する英語教授法(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)」と呼ばれています。
・TESL(Teaching English as a Second Language)
・TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
ブルーライオンイングリッシュのカリキュラムは? TEFLの理論を元にMr.コールが長年の経験から創りあげた独自のものです。


Jessica Hello! My name is Jessica and I am from Hong Kong. I met my Japanese husband when I was pursuing my MSc degree in the United Kingdom.
Before I moved to Japan, I was a certified teacher teaching English in a primary school.
I also possess a master's degree in TESOL. I am very glad to be able to teach at the Blue Lion's and I am looking forward to meeting you there!



Karl My name is Karl and I’m from England. I have been teaching English at Blue Lion for the past five years. For me, teaching is the most rewarding profession one can undertake. Seeing the students happy makes me happy and importantly all this happiness creates a fun, stimulating and productive environment. I want all our students to enjoy English, to be confident and enthusiastic. English is for life not just for the moment. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.
Marija Hello! My name is Marija and I come from Serbia. I earned an MA degree at the English Language Department of the University of Belgrade and enrolled a PhD course in Culture Studies at the same university. I also spent two years as a researcher at Saitama University. Before working at Blue Lion English, I was volunteering in Russia and Japan as a teacher in children’s camps. I wish one day some of my students come to visit Serbia.



Maya Hi everyone! My name is Shamyah but please call me Maya. I’m from Toronto, Canada. In my free time I enjoy singing, dancing and travelling. I'm looking forward to meeting with everyone and helping you all enjoy learning English.
Behnaz Hello everyone! My name is Behnaz and I'm from Iran. I have got my bachelor's in English Language and Literature, and my master in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).Also, I have recently got my Cambridge CELTA certificate, the most recognized English Language teaching qualification, from the University of Austin at Texas in America.
I have been teaching English for more than 9 years which has been a great teaching experience for me.
I love teaching kids because I enjoy inspiring children and helping them learn a new language with fun and excitement. It is also very interesting and enjoyable for me to see how fast they can improve and learn! I look forward to meeting you at Blue Lion English. Let's learn English and have fun!



Daria Hello everyone! My name is Daria. I've been to London and to Boston ( Massachusetts, USA) to take part in English language educational programs. I had graduated from T. Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, where I got my master's degree in Journalism. My university had am advanced English program, where we learned about making TED presentations. Also I passed an IELTs exam with a high score of 7.5 points.
I really enjoy teaching kids and watching them growing happy and internationally educated. Every lesson is different and unique and that is fun!