Blue Lion English has three main goals. First we build the foundation so that our students will in time speak
English fluently. Second we help our students to succeed in English
as an academic subject in the Japanese educational system.
Finally we want to enhance our students as human beings.
This includes things such as feeling at ease in the company of foreigners,
being polite and learning the skills necessary for general learning. ブルーライオンイングリッシュには3つのゴール(目標)があります。 ♦第一に私達の生徒が自分の意思を英語で話せるようになるための基礎を築くこと。

Kenneth A. Cole, Principal
Blue Lion English

We think it is a great advantage for our students that the principal of Blue Lion English, Mr. Cole, has twenty-five years of experience teaching English in accredited institutions around the world.
Mr. Cole studied English in university and have had no other job than teaching English to foreign speakers since then. He earned a teaching certificate and taught in Los Angeles, California.
Not only did he learn general education, he studied Child Development. Mr. Cole went on to earn a master’s degree in Linguistics and taught in Japanese universities for over a decade - including Waseda University for ten years.
Mr. Cole is married to a Japanese woman and they have a child. Mrs. Cole learned a lot about children’s English schools while gaining an English education for their child. They truly understand what it is like to send a child to English school.
In closing it is our intent that your child learns English and enjoys it very much.             Sincerely